Urban design


Our philosophy

In our settlement development and settlement planning activities, our mission is to promote the sustainable, innovative development of settlements, contribute to the creation of the harmony of the built and natural environment, and create transparent, normative and user-friendly construction law conditions.

In the course of our architectural design activities, we strive for the harmony of the contemporary appearance and the existing environment, within the framework of timeless solutions, which at the same time have a unique character, with maximum consideration of our Customer's needs. We consider functional and formal cleanliness important, and try to create moderate, economical, environmentally friendly buildings.

Our references

About us

The legal predecessor of our office, Tér-Háló Bt. was founded in 1996 in Győr with the intention of providing our clients with a service that spans the entire vertical of design and engineering support required during architectural and settlement development projects.

Over the years, in accordance with the specialization of the tasks, our office has developed into a company group, which currently consists of three companies:

  • Tér-Háló Architect Designer Ltd.
  • Tér-Háló Terra Ltd.
  • Tér-Háló Urban Design Studio Ltd.
  • Our main activities:

  • architectural design
  • engineering services, consulting
  • urban design
  • performing chief architectural activities
  • planning complete settlement development projects
  • We carry out our activities in cooperation with a stable and extensive design partner network that has developed over many years.

    Over the past 25 years, several buildings have been completed across the country based on our plans, embracing the widest functional scale. Over time, we have prepared urban design plans for about 80 settlements, and are proud of having many local governments as our customers from the beginning to the present day.


    Executive designers

    • Géza Németh

      Certified architect (É 08-0065)

      Executive urban designer (TT/1 08-0065)

      Certified professional engineer in urban design and urban economics

      Certified professional engineer in sustainable construction

      Certified economist in finance and business economics

    • Attila Leitner

      Certified architect engineer (É-3 08-0386/2000)

      Construction supervisor (MÜE-É/I-08-361/2001)

      Construction manager (FMV-É/A2-08-613/2001)

      Certified economist in finance and business economics

    Our cooperating partners

    • Anna Dőry-Kiss


    • Roland Szabó

      Urban designer

    • Henriett Gyárfás

      Urban designer

    • András Pócsi